Nectar moments of accomplishment – Pushya Nakshatra
(Constellation of stars seen from earth)
  Pushya Nakshtra (constellation of stars seen from the earth) is one of the powerful nakshtra that lightens the dark nights. More the power of Nakshrta more the chances of accomplishment (desired result) of the task done during that particular period (moments) of Nakshatra. And task done during this kind of period (moments) i.e. Nakshtra (or position of particular bunch of stars as seen from earth) gives tremendous success. In the ancient holy book “Gnata Dharma Katha” Pushya nakshatra is described as best Muhurat (divinely blessed time to start any good work) for pilgrimage / journey. In the books related to Tantra (religious texts containing magical and mystical formularies for the worship of deities) and Mantra (incantation) too Pushya Nakshatra is considered as the best time to get success in all task / work. Pushya Nakshatra which falls on either Thursday or Sunday is the golden period to get success in work/task/ pending for a long time.

It is not known in the history so far if someone utilized the period Pushya Nakshatra using the religious / spiritual path for the fulfillment of material (earthly) progress. During the Vikram Samvat (Jain / Hindu Calendar) 2050 i.e. Christ year 1994, one fortunate devotee from Matunga (Mumbai) asked the Gurudev (holy Jain Priest) : Sir , on which day of every month should I come to sought your blessings ? so that I get more inclined to the religious path. Gurudev naturally suggested the day of Pushya Nakshatra and that fortunate devotee started coming on every Pushya Nakshatra day to Gurudev for blessings, worship & service. Two such fortunate devotees who sow the seeds of this “Pushya Aradhana“ (worshiping the God during the period of Pushya Nakshatra) in divine moments. Today this has resulted in a gigantic tree (of worship).

Shatrunjaya Mahatirth (holy Jain pilgrim place on mount Shatrunjaya Gujarat ) is Tirth Swarup (holy place where God resides) by location, whereas Pushya Nakshatra is Tirth Swarup by time . In the vicinity of Shatrunjay Mahtirth Millions and billions of devotees assured wellbeing and betterment of their respective souls due to its geographical location or holiness of the place . Whereas total transformation of devotees coming during Pushya Nakshatra is due to the particular time period. Therefore Pushya Nakashtra is Kal-Tirth (best time for worshiping / pilgrimage). Holy pilgrimage places like Shatranujaya Mahatirth have importance and glory same or similar importance and glory , magnitude belongs to ‘Kal-Tirth ‘ ( particular time for pilgrimage ) . In the prilgrimage of shatrunjaya location or area is fixed , not time . While worshping during pushya nakshatra has fixed( particular) time period not area , place or location . Also like Pratishtha samay ( time for for worshiping God during pilgrimage ) in Kaltirth during pushya nakshatra time is fixed.Holy priest sprinkles the holy water on the devotees on the same time ( in both the methods of worshiping )

Worshiping during Pushya Nakshatra is Kal-Tirth ( related and bound by time period ) which is originated by Janngam Tirth swarup Param Pujya Acharya Vijay Jagvallabh Surishwarji Maharaj , this Guru Bagwant ( his holiness ) is most respected and trusted aradhyadev ( worth worshiping) of the Samayeek ( jain religious rituals ) during Pushya Nakshatra . Divine efforts of Gurudev has encouraged many to lucky devotees to regularly come during Pushya Nakshatra . He guided all to the holy path of dharma and helped them to stay there un-moved . Gurudev is the main source and support of shashanbhavana (faith in jain religion) for all worshiping and religious programs being under taken through Pushya Nakshtra Tirth .

For the beginning of relation with Gurus ( learned religious priests ) and spiritual progress Pushya Nakshatra is the holy time (period) to start with . Good relations ( (Guru and Shishya/disciple or Teacher and student ) with Guru enables one to progress (spiritually ) but if it is established during Pushya Nakshtra it will lead the devotee (shishya/disciple or student ) to the top of it . Pushya Tirth without a Guru is like ‘0’ without ‘1’ Pushya Tirth without a Guru is not much beneficial .

Relation (spiritual) established with a Guru is not limited to this birth only but its perpetual and continues in all re-incarnations till one (disciple) gets ‘Moksh” (liberation from cycle of births & deaths ). Guru never leaves hand of a disciple once hold …its our responsibility see that we do not leave his hand .

Atleast once We , who pay money for learning Yoga or meditation ,its worth to attend the “Samayeek” ( rituals/religious event) of Pushya Nakshatra . You will get big motivation of your life without paying money . You will not be able to resist yourself from going there next time .
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