For the benefits of common men fed of worldly (social) bindings and wondering in search of happiness our ancient great learned ancestor people ( rishimuni ) had established /got constructed many many places for pilgrimages . Journey of holy pilgrimage places purifies our souls from the dust of worldly karmas. Holy pilgrimage brings us near the end of cycle of birth and death .Good work done at holy pilgrimage places helps us to purify ourselves .worshiping (pooja , archana ) of holy tirthankars ( messengers of God ) enables us to realize and feel the live presence of Godly element .

Amongst the pilgrimage places on this very big land of Bharat Varsh (Indian sub-continent) Shri Dharmachakra is a totally different place. This ancient Tirth ( place of pilgrimage) has history of lakhs of years which is re-established again at the holy land of Nashik Town ,thanks to the divine signals/guidance received . Visitor devotees get impressed with pleasant surprise by the lovely /attractive face of original Lord Parshvanath with fourteen hoods ( chaudfana ) with four mouths (Chaturmukh ). A divine expression on the face of Lord Veer (statue) attract devotees and emotionally compels them to stay in front of it for a long time. Establishment (constructions). Establishment (foundation) at one place of five immortal pilgrimages (Tirth Sthan ) Ashtapada , Shatrunjay , Girnar,Aboo, Sammetshikhar and 68 Tirths ( pilgrimages ) make devotees divinely happy.

This Devalaya (Temple) is 135 feet toll and made of various combinations of un-comparable shapes (akrutis) highlights the divine power prevailing on the face of the earth .Place of Manibhadra Yakshraj spreads impressive power of this place in the universe. Pilgrims who visits this place feels the satisfaction of successful journey of life (by their visit to this holy place).

We all during holidays go to such Tirth Yatra ( pilgrimage place ) with our respective family and try to purify ourselves. It has become an important part of our lives to visit holy place for pilgrimage (Yatra) once in a year. Worship of Tirth (pilgrimage) and Tirthpati (God of Tirth ) has became part of nature.

So far lakhs of devotees has visited Shri Dharma Chakra Prabhav . This place has become the centre of attraction in the life of devotees who has visited it. You are hereby warmly invited to visit this divine Tirth . We guarantee you the arrangements of comfortable, it’s our responsibility.

You are welcome to this place …Once you visit it we are sure next year onwards no invitation will be needed since you will visit this place (because of attraction) again and again .


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