After the dividing the earth in to six continents amongst Bharat, Bahubali and 100 sons Shri Rishabhdev foremost (divine) ruler of the earth took Diksha (initiation of Jainism).

On one evening before achieving ultimate knowledge (Gnan) and in the process of getting it Prabhu Rishabhdev making the earthy holy (by walking on it) arrived in the outer forest (udyan or garden) of town Taksh-sheela . Forest guard gave this good news to the King Bahubali . Next day early in the morning equipped with royal arrangements, lot of joy and excitement visited the said part of the forest (Udyan / Garden like) to pay his respect and salutation to Prabhu (lord) but Prabhu (lord) had already gone. Deprived of chance to see personally the Prabhu he started crying extensively like a child… at that time Sodharma Indra arrived there consoled the King Bahubali making him calm…

Then inspired him said “construct a gigantic stoop (pillar like monument) on the earth covering that part of forest where Prabhu walked or stayed so that no one else can walk over that holy peace of land.” Moreover Parmatma (Rishabhdev) in future is going to be dharma Chakravarty ( supreme authority ) of that place therefore in remembrance of this fact install his foot-wears and dharma chakra (round symbol of Dharma) on it “ keeping in mind the words of the king Bahubali his man constructed a huge diamond studded stoop ( Pillar like monument ) under ground of which they installed a diamond studded beautiful statue of Prabhu Adinath .(Rushabhdev ) on top it they installed /construct /carved his footprints...

At the same time they also installed Sahastrachar Dharma Chakra on a very high pillar. It got place in the ( religious) history of Dharmachakra as first established Tirth ( place of pilgrimage ) … At the order of Sodharma Indra name of this Tirth has become popular and established for the purpose of protecting the Dharma-shashan ( prevailing of dharma ) from various possible attacks in the future hard/adverse time .

But while studying the history of this Tirth for the period prior to destruction (of this place) we observed that attacks during this period were unique / brutal and it never happened before. After the destruction of above Tirth there was chaos and anarchy, law-less ness in the entire world.


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