About Shree Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth

Board members of Viraj Estates and Viraj Reality, Mr. Rajendra Rasiklal Shah and Mr. Vilas Rasiklal Shah, are the principal donors and main trustees of the temple. Their generous donation of 13 acres of land near Vilholi village located about 12 km. away from Nashik, has been detrimental for the construction of the Tirth. The structure is a symbol of an abode of spiritual upliftment to bliss and is named the Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth.

The three floors of the Jinalaya (temple) of the Triloknath, signifies its reign over the three realms. The four directions are replicated by magnificient sculptures of the great pilgrims—Siddhachal, Abuu, Girnar and Samet Shikhar.

A 12 foot high idol of Lord Mahavir is set in the basement. At the first level, in the centre is Choumukhji, propagating the joy and devotion, escorted by the four Parshwanath idols. The Ashtapada Mahatirth is established on the last level in the crest of the monument. The foreground of the Jinalaya is resplendent with an enchanting creation of the magnanimous Yantra of the Shri Mantradhiraj Stotra which is etched with figurines and flanked by an array of the statues of revered Gods and Goddesses.

Things to do:

The serene service that a deciple offers to lord mahavir during the day.An authentic gujrati thali to enjoy along with the beautiful landscapes.Visit the gaushala (home for cows) which is beautifully developed in seven acres of lush greenery where everyday 400 cows are fed and taken care of.

Live overnight in a luxurious and peaceful enviornment to experience the blissful and auspicious morning full of gathas and shlokas.


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