Original principal (back-bone) of Indian Culture is non-violence .No religion originated from this country wherein non-violence is not accepted as main element/ principle. Desire of non violence creates love for each other (amongst the lives ) and love creates universal peace .When you save /protect  any life ( all living things ) you are not just saving one life but helping to sustain the universal peace . Slaughter houses are working towards disturbance of universal peace. Divine desire of non-violence guarantees the right to live to all lives .No one of us (humans) has any right to take the life of any one.

Warm behavior towards any life creates connection to its soul. One who shows love to other lives gets love in return.  Hatred will be reciprocated by hate.  Chandkoushik a deadly and violent serpent too became   non-violent for ever when he came in to contact with (Lord) Prabhu Veer who ever keeps kindness/mercy towards all lives, Desire /feelings of non-violence creates cordial relations amongst lives.

Love towards other lives gives benefits to the person himself before others. Good friendly feelings towards other lives attracts them to us  and feeling of oneness (unity) takes place .Prabhu Mahveer has also said “ JIVAVAHO-AAppvaho” meaning the killing /harm to other lives is like killing /harming ourselves. Kindness/mercy towards others is kindness towards us. Act of killing first takes place in the mind of the killer before the actual killing takes place. Killing of even one life results into killing of spirit of one-ness with other lives in the universe .Then more killing of lives takes place. Killing of one life kills the spirit of co-existence which is as bad as killing all lives. Today‘s a killer of one life spare whom (tomorrow)? That’s not ascertainable. Friendliness with all lives is the foundation stone of human-life.

Before being directly or indirectly instrumental /supportive in the killing of any life one should think about their selfless contributions/co-operation to our lives without which how dull would have been our lives? One can not imagine human-life without earth, water, vegetation and most importantly the assistance of innocent animals like cows, buffaloes, Sheep etc. How we who drink milk of cows and buffaloes throughout our life become though indirectly instrumental /reason for their killings? Unfortunately we consider petrol more important than the cow’s milk. We will easily compromise fresh milk for powder (dried) milk but cannot survive without petrol and therefore we are importing petrol/diesel against the export of billions of tones of cow-meat. Mothers feed us (milk) for six months but animals like cows and buffaloes give their milk for life time therefore it is an important part of our moral/practical responsibility to look after them during our entire life.

During the ancient time to look after aged and milk-less animals we (in India) had animal-care-centers in most of the villages. There were more animal-care-houses than slaughter houses. Today slaughter-houses are increasing. Young men are doing difficult work of saving animals from the reach of butchers at the cost of their lives. For this purpose they are fighting from police to Supreme Court (of India). When it is difficult to save life of an animal it is very necessary to build more new animal-care-centers for saving more animal-lives.

For the divine purpose of saving animal lives kind and generous donors have constructed a huge  animal-care-center (Panjarapole) in the vicinity of  Dharmachakra Prabhavati Tirth where about 500 animals are being looked after (taken care of ) for last three years .

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