Shree Nanalal famous Gujarati poet of twentieth century has categorized the all the ancient cultures in to four divisions   :

Roman Culture                           > Samarajya Vallabh (imperial Culture)

Greece Culture                           > Soundarya Vallabh (beautification Culture)

European Culture                       > Aarth Vallabh         (monitory / material Culture)

Indian Culture                            > Dharma Vallabh     (religious Culture)

History suggests that development of Indian Culture took place on the banks of river Indus (Sindhu ) Whereas sages/ holy-men  (learned ancient scholars ) suggested that development of Indian Culture took place on the banks of kind river Maha (Mahanadi ),Many sects ( panth – religious way of life ) were created ( & operated ) under the main stream of Indian Culture but none of them was without the principle of protecting all lives (includes all living creature on the earth ).

 Each of the religions that existed ( in Indian Culture ) contained at first point  protecting of all lives and at last point friendship with all lives .In this country there is not a single religious path which dose not consider killing (of any life/ creature ) as sin .You can refer the history of last 5000 years India has never attacked any other country. It was not the case that this country (India) did not possess power, wealth or beauties .It possessed more wealth than any other nation in the world. Here in India Religion was most important and religion of protecting / love all lives was on top of all. In each corner of the country there were brave people who sacrificed their lives fighting for lives of (even) animals who sought asylum or under their protection shield. 

Sages/holy-men (rushi-muni ) with their teachings/advice  have glorified this India Culture flowing through ages .These holy-men/saints have said that even one sin of  violence (killing any life ) is just enough to wipe off all good religious work done during ones life time and saving of a smallest life enables a person to get pardon for any sin .

To day we are trapped in situation/circumstance that in-spite of our sincere wish /will we are unable to save the lives of animals being killed in slaughter-houses. Government Policies are encouraging the killings (of animals, creatures). Illegally too many killings are taking place Therefore it becomes our duty to create such situation that will prevent flow of animals towards slaughter-houses. We should be instrumental to save maximum lives and utilize power of our body, brain and wealth for the protection of all lives (of animals, birds creatures etc)

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